The official booking period is over and we are happy to announce that the Guitar Summit is sold out. Therefore, only waiting list places are still available.


  • Date: September 22nd – 24th, 2023

  • Location: Rosengarten Mannheim, Germany

  • Price: € 199 / m² (net) – only waiting list places available


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Please note:

  • The minimum booking area is 4 sqm (2x2m). The maximum size is 80 sqm. Everything in between is possible. Please note: The entire stand plus staff and packaging needed for the day must fit on the booked space.

  • In order to make optimum use of the location, a depth of 3 m must be booked for a stand size of 9-15 sqm and a depth of 4 m for a stand size of 16 sqm or more.

  • For joint stands, 4sqm must be booked per company.

  • Our layout is not static like the usual hall plans, but flexible and is adapted every year depending on the booking variety. Therefore, stand locations cannot be selected and there is no guarantee of placement. In the application, it is possible to enter which type of space is preferred (open to two sides, corner, wall in the back, preferred or opposite neighbour, etc.).

  • Invoices with stand numbers, the stand plan and further information will be sent out at the beginning of August 2023.

  • Electricity, walls and furniture are not included in the stand price, but can be added.

  • The Guitar Summit is a silent show, therefore testing and demonstrating equipment via amplifiers on all levels is only allowed via headphones.