The SOUND&RECORDING World is a new highlight of the Guitar Summit. Here, guitar and bass players can meet with live recording pros, engineers and producers, exchange tips and tricks, chat about their favorite gear, attend workshops on the SOUND&RECORDING Stage or listen to the STUDIOSOFA Live Podcast on the same stage.

An exhibition featuring the latest and most popular studio gear from established manufacturers and many small and upcoming brands makes the experience complete.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Sound&Recording World at Guitar Summit is the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to record their music in rehearsal rooms, professional studios or at home, or simply improve their recordings.

The Sound&Recording Stage featuring STUDIOSOFA – the LIVE PODCAST at Guitar Summit


The STUDIOSOFA is the Sound&Recording podcast all about music production. At this year’s Guitar Summit, many renowned sound engineers, producers and manufacturers will be joining the STUDIOSOFA on the Sound&Recording Stage to share their extensive knowledge and experience in the studio with you, in full color and live.

But even those who are not necessarily interested in recording topics will get their money’s worth when prominent guitarists and bassists talk about their experiences in interviews!


Die 3-Tages-Masterclass mit Max Power & Waldemar Vogel 

Wenn ihr eure Bandaufnahmen im Proberaum oder eure selbstproduzierte Musik am Rechner im Homestudio auf das nächste Level bringen wollt, dann solltet ihr unbedingt bei dieser dreitägigen Masterclass auf dem Guitar Summit dabei sein!

In a live recording session with a band, producer Max Power will show you how to capture an authentic and powerful band sound on a hard drive or hardware recorder under rehearsal room conditions. Afterwards, experienced sound engineer Waldemar Vogel will give you an insight into his mixing and mastering work based on the recorded audio material.

The three days of the Masterclass are divided into Live Band Recording, Editing & Producing and Mixing & Mastering.

Language: German


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Max, a specialist in recording and mixing rock, punk and stoner music, is known for recording entire albums with bands in their rehearsal rooms. With just a few mics in the right places, he creates an incredibly authentic and powerful band sound! Max has worked with the Beatsteaks, Tocotronic and Turbostaat.


Waldemar is a freelance recording and mixing engineer and has worked in some of the most renowned studios in Germany. His references include artists such as Max Giesinger, Chilly Gonzales, Jupiter Jones and many more.

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