The three-day masterclass with
Max Power and Waldemar Vogel

How to get the best possible sound for your recordings, whether in the rehearsal room or in your home studio!  

Over three days, producer Max Power (Tocotronic, Turbostaat) and engineer Waldemar Vogel (Max Giesinger, Rea Garvey) will show you how to take your rehearsal room or home studio recordings to the next level.

The focus is on recording your own band in the rehearsal room. Max shows you where to position yourself, your amps and your instruments in the room to get the best sound for recording. He also explains which microphones you need, even if you’ve got a small budget, and where to place them next to your amp or drums. Of course, he shows you what you need to know about recording vocals to get the best out of your recordings!

The material will then be produced on the computer Waldemar Vogel demonstrates how to work with amp simulation, how to layer drums with samples and how to process vocals to make the mix really fat! You will also learn how to find the right volume balance between all the instrument tracks, how to use EQ and compression correctly, and how to finalise and master the track.

What you will learn:

  • What equipment you need for your rehearsal room recordings
  • How to position the microphones for the best possible sound
  • How the recording process works on a computer or hardware recorder
  • Mixing & producing skills for a fat sound
  • Mastering – how to get the track ready for release

The three days of the masterclass are divided into LIVE BAND-RECORDING, EDITING & PRODUCTION and MIXING & MASTERING.


There are 3-day tickets available for the whole of the Masterclass as well as for individual days of the Masterclass.

ATTENTION: A ticket for the Guitar Summit is NOT included in the price. This can be purchased either in the presale or at the box office.


Friday, 22.09.2023


Saturday, 23.09.2023


Sunday, 24.09.2023



Max, a specialist in recording and mixing rock, punk and stoner music, is known for recording entire albums with bands in their rehearsal rooms. With just a few mics in the right places, he creates an incredibly authentic and powerful band sound! Max has worked with the Beatsteaks, Tocotronic and Turbostaat.


Waldemar is a freelance recording and mixing engineer and has worked in some of the most renowned studios in Germany. His references include artists such as Max Giesinger, Chilly Gonzales, Jupiter Jones and many more.