Reverb: Interview mit Guitar Summit Eventmanager Stephan Killermann

Wir freuen uns, dass auch Support aus dem Ausland kommt. Die amerikanische Online-Musik-Plattform Reverb hat unseren Eventmanager Stephan Killermann dazu befragt, was den Guitar Summit so besonders macht.

“Give us three reasons European guitarists should attend Guitar Summit 2017.

  1. There are over a 100 workshops covering all the areas from acoustic to metal to business to DIY technical stuff.
  2. What we call ‘Tube Amp–Finity’ offers you the possibility to check out 64 tube amps and 64 cabs and combine them in any possible combination with the flip of a switch — an inspiring experience!
  3. On top of that, there will be parties with good live music on Friday and Saturday evening. Friday, we’ll be celebrating the Guitar Summit Acoustic Party, and on Saturday, it will be loud and electric. Everything is included in the ticket.”

Das gesamte Interview könnt ihr hier nachlesen:

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