Extensive bass program at Guitar Summit 2019

Of course not only guitar fans are offered a lot, all friends of the low tones can be happy, too! Because also in the bass segment there are numerous highlights and lots to discover:

Billy Sheehan

This rock bass player has earned his place in music history several times: Billy Sheehan has played with Talas, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big, G3, Winery Dogs and Sons Of Apollo and supported guitar colleagues like Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal – much more can hardly be achieved as a musician!
Look forward to Billy Sheehan at the Guitar Summit 2019! Billy will give a public workshop, be on stage at the Electric Party on Saturday evening and also offer an exclusive masterclass.

Stu Hamm

With his innovative bass playing Stu Hamm hasn’t only inspired Joe Satriani or Steve Vai, with whom he rocked the stages as sideman. The San Francisco-based musician is also a solo artist and teacher, and is considered one of the most influential electric bassists of the past half century. He will not only give a workshop, but will also be on stage at the Allstar Jam on Saturday evening.

Jeff Hughell

Jeff Hughell is the 7-string bassist for Six Feet Under, The Bassists Alliance project, Reciprocal and is a solo artist. He has previously played with Brain Drill, Vile, Osmium, Severed Savior, Asylum, Rings of Saturn, Mucus Membrane and Cryptoreum.  Jeff has been playing bass for over 25 years and is a proud Warwick, Darkglass, Gallien Krueger, Seymour Duncan and Dean Markley endorser.  Jeff’s 4th solo album Sleep Deprivation came out in January of 2019 with Critical acclaim. He has in the past few years also wrote, and recorded guitars and bass for the Six Feet Under album Torment and is one of the co-founders of the Bassists Alliance project who’s 2017 release Crush featured 14 bassists from around the world  Including Michael Mannring, Kevin “Brandino” Brandon, Ryan Martinie, Adam Nitti and Scott Reeder to name a few.

Günther Gebauer

What have hits like Sempre, Sempre (Al Bano & Romina Power), Major Tom (Peter Schilling), Square Rooms (Al Corley), Mamma Maria (Ricchi & Poveri), No Tengo Dineiro (Righeira), Viva Colonia (Höhner), Ich war noch niemals in New York (Udo Jürgens) and Hello again (Howard Carpendale) in common? All recordings feature the bass track by Günther Gebauer. Apart from his useful tips on the subject of playful practice, it is the many anecdotes from decades of professional music that turn Günther’s workshop into an unforgettable experience. So don’t miss it!

Peter Sonntag

45 years of concentrated bass competence – whether as a textbook author, soloist, producer, teacher, composer or live and studio musician, Peter Sonntag is a statement of the German bass scene! From the rororo jazz lexicon: “As “musician of impressive virtuosity, technical brilliance and enormous imagination, who as a composer has created his own musical world full of magic” Since 1984 Peter organizes worldwide clinics and workshops for journals and as EBS Bass Equipment endorser. Currently he works as a guest lecturer at various music colleges.

Sheldon Dingwall

Does it sometimes feel like your bass is fighting you? Could you progress further and faster in your musical journey if your bass was more fine-tuned to your style? Sheldon Dingwall will go through the key elements of setting up your bass in standard or down tunings. He will cover matching the setup to your style. Wood, strings, pickups, pre-amps, multi-scale, construction methods will all be explained in a simple to understand workshop.

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