Tapping workshop with Stefan Huth (Touch Guitars)

Stefan Huth Touch Guitar

The Touch Guitar Circle (TGC) is a private study group founded and led by Markus Reuter (Stick Men, Centrozoon) that follows a systematic approach to playing with the tapping technique called “The Family”. It consists of a set of interrelated exercises that facilitate ergonomic and relaxed playing while covering all aspects of playing the fretboard.

As one of the early TGC members Stefan Huth is playing touchstyle instruments since 1999. His roots are based in progressive rock and heavy metal. Through the years he learned and played world music and Indian music,too. Playing in several jazz/fusion bands he also did progressive rock/neo classic arrangements for orchestras. All these musical influences are part of his projects always honoring his rock music roots.

Stefan will give an introduction to “the Family” – showing techniques to play with both hands on the fretboard in a clean and ergonomic way. If you want to learn (both-handed) tapping on a guitar or bass you will get a lot of stuff to work on. Don’t miss it!


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