Studio, Recording & Mixing at Guitar Summit 2019

You want to take your productions to the next level? No problem! On our recording stage we are dedicated to topics like mixing, mastering, monitoring and of course the recording of guitars & basses.

Guido Donot & Toni Loitsch: Guitar Sound Live

Cordial presents the guitarist of the band DONOTS, songwriter and producer Guido Donot, who will tell you how he comes to his sound, both in the studio and on stage!

He will show how classical setups – with lots of cables, hot amps, loudspeakers and microphones – not only lead to good sound, but also how to deal with certain problems and even make use of them.

Guido is supported by Toni (Meloni) Loitsch, studio captain of Nautilus Studios and live sound enigneer for DONOTS, Joris and Silbermond.

Toni will tell us a lot about the technical way from the fingers to a PA system. Here we will get to know how the sound from the fingers over all stations and without compromises reaches the ears of the audience.

Lasse Lammert: From the first sound to the final recording in your homestudio

Lasse Lammert is a producer and sound engineer from Lübeck, Germany. Lasse is demonstrating how you can move from having several basic sounds to a final recording, showing you how the right selection and configuration of mics and equipment is key, as well as the right use of effects. Giving away his extensive tips & tricks the session will push your inspiration and teach you how to give your future home recordings a professional sound.

Shure PSM Live: In-Ear Monitoring

You always wanted to know what in-ear monitoring is all about? Where are the big advantages over conventional wedges and how can you improve your own sound? Then the Shure PSM Live Workshop is for you! Experience in-ear monitoring directly in practice and let the experts introduce you to the world of in-ear monitoring; of course with individual instruction and detailed advice.

In the studio with Grossmann Audio and Tonfuchs

Søren Jordan is a known and versatile guitar player, working as live-and studio musician. He worked for acts like Paul Young, the Voices Allstars feat. Alannah Myles, Bobby Kimball, the german gothic rock act ASP and many more.

In this workshop, Søren will be talking about his experience working in recording studios, how to prepare properly, what guitars and gear to use, choice of pickups, wood and hardware and what effect this may have to the guitar sound. Also he will talk about his use of an Isolation cabinet in his studio, which has been an important part of his studio gear for many years.

Cables and their effect on sound – The subject of an endless debate

If you go out on a missing to look for proof that cables have no or marginal influence on sound quality then you will most certainly find opinions supporting that on YouTube or in one of the countless web forums. However, there are equally as many musicians, sound engineers and producers who swear by the effect of audio cables. What could be the reason for such polar opposites in opinion? How can it be explained that people come to such contradictory results?

Material scientist Jürg Vogt, who has been developing cables for over two decades, presents his perspective and reproduces a YouTube-famous cable comparison test. Max Frankl, guitarist and composer, assists and shares his experience as a professional musician.

Jürg Vogt develops the sound conductors at VOVOX. For more than 20 years, he has made it his business and life’s work to care deeply about the big topic of ‘cables’.

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