Guitar Summit Web Camp

The GUITAR SUMMIT – Europe’s biggest guitar event – returns with a new digital live concept!

It breaks our hearts to tell you that there will be no physical event in Mannheim this year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the measures taken to contain it, it is not possible for us to host such a big live event as the GUITAR SUMMIT.

The health of visitors, exhibitors, artists and employees is our top priority. An emotional community event in the usual size (more than 8,000 visitors and 400 exhibitors), with an attractive international program, is not possible to execute under the necessary hygiene measures.


This year’s GUITAR SUMMIT will be held with an innovative, interactive, digital live concept and can be followed online from home, so that all guitar lovers can enjoy a top international event despite the worldwide pandemic.

The GUITAR SUMMIT WEB CAMP 2020 will be launched in late autumn, introducing a new type of virtual event based on the popular live event in Mannheim’s Rosengarten, which is once again a partner of the GUITAR SUMMIT alongside Startup Mannheim. In order to reach musicians worldwide, the GUITAR SUMMIT WEB CAMP 2020 will take place live in German and English language. A final date will be announced later.

Already purchased tickets for Guitar Summit 2020 will be refunded. Buyers will be informed about details shortly.

The GUITAR SUMMIT 2020/2021 dates:

2020: Guitar Summit Web Camp 2020: Late Autumn 2020,

2021: Guitar Summit Live Event: 17-19.09.2021, Rosengarten Mannheim