Workshop: Heaven and Hell – The Fuzz Face

The Fuzz Face is a standard on many pedalboards for a reason. Well made and used, its sound is great: direct, extremely flexible in the range of distortions it produces, and stylistically more versatile than you might think. However, unlike other distortion and even fuzz circuits, it presents the user with a whole host of rather unique problems that can drive a novice, in particular, to the edge of frustration. The workshop will present the most common pitfalls and possible solutions to successfully use a fuzzface in your own setup. 
Florian Pöschko is a graduated guitarist, played as a sideman with Benny Golson, Max Mutzke and others and works as a teacher at the Musikhochschule Leipzig and the Music College Hannover. He is a member of GITEC e.V. and runs a registered craft business specializing in repair, modification and restoration of guitar effects. His past customers have included guitarists such as Jakob Friederichs (Element of Crime), Jürgen Scholz (Klaus Lage), Stefan Bühler (The Bosshoss), Robinson Sartorius (The Voice), Steffen Brückner (Ms. Greenbird) and Werner Neumann (The Heavytones).