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The Local Wood Challenge

The Local Wood Challenge

In times when ecosystems all over the world are threatened, it is vital to consider the impact one’s own actions have. The use of tropical wood species, favoured by luthiers and music industry big and small, has become more and more problematic over the last decades, for instance when it comes to dealing with the bureaucracies created to protect our natural resources, like CITES.

One of the missions of The European Guitar Builders (EGB) is to draw attention to this issue and to educate the public about the fact that instruments built using local regional woods are just as great-sounding and good-looking as instruments built with tropical woods. In addition, sustainability has started to gain serious recognition as a seminal value in our trade.  To propagate this subject the EGB has created the Local Wood Challenge (LWC). The LWC was originally conceived for The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 – participating exhibitors were to build one (or more) instruments to exhibit at the Show, using woods local to their region.  A lot of wonderful instruments were created as a result, and participants often found that it opened up their creativity in terms of design and techniques as they tried new things. The LWC was a great success both among luthiers and players, garnering a lot of media attention as well.

The EGB is now continuing the LWC as a long term project as a certification program for instruments made of local woods.  Resources and experiences garnered during the building process are shared among the luthiers, enabling them to make guitars comparable to the best tropical wood instruments out there. We envision that the LWC sign and certificate will eventually become a seal of environmental consciousness and an indicator to the public of instruments made in this way, and that it will encourage the guitar-buying public to consider buying guitars built from local woods.

The LWC will be presented to you by guitar builder Adrian Lucas (AJ Lucas Guitars UK), supported by Christian Stoll (Stoll Guitars, Germany) and Tania Spalt (EGB).